Japan – Satoshi Arakawa’s Ceramic Studio

Throwing a potNext on the agenda, we went to Shigaraki to see the ceramic studio of Satoshi Arakawa, an up and coming ceramic artist. He gave us a demonstration of how he throws his pottery. Mr. Arakawa lives in a beautiful mountain home with his wife and son, where he has studio and has built his outdoor wood-burning kiln.

KilnThe kiln is a hill kiln or climbing kiln (anagama) that has 3 domes going up the hillside. He starts the fire in the lowest dome, then will light the wood in the middle area, then at the top. He burns red pine from his mountain in the kiln, and the ashes create the glaze for his pieces. It takes 5 days to fire a batch of pottery, and he and his wife take turns watching the kiln over the 5 days.

We then spent some time in his show studio admiring and purchasing his pottery.

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