Family Heritage – Antique Quilts (continued)

Miller home - Seattle 2013 - reducedMy husband’s family has a strong fiber tradition, thanks to my husband’s Great Aunt Flossie Dean Barber, who is the sister of Dean’s maternal Grandmother, Jessie Dean Mason. Dean’s mother, Roberta (Bobbie) Mason Miller, has been living in a senior adult home for 5 or 6 years now, and her home has been empty except for visits from her children. She’s 100 years and 8 months old.

Flossie's red quilt top - reducedDean, his sister and brother have decided it is time to sell the family home. It is a little house on a lot with beautiful views of Puget Sound in the Ballard section of Seattle. Recently, Dean and I went up to Seattle to the family home to help clean out things that we would like to keep. I found lots of beautiful hand made linens with cut work, embroidery, fine crochet, tatting, lace work, etc. In addition, I found tucked away in an old trunk upstairs, two beautiful hand-pieced quilt tops. They have the same pattern, except that one is in cobalt blue and muslin fabrics, and the other is in red and muslin fabrics. They were hand-pieced probably in the 50’s or 60’s, mostly definitely by Great Aunt Flossie, as she is the only one that made any quilts in the family besides me. They are the size of twin bedspreads.

Flossie's blue quilt top - reducedSince they are hand-pieced, I think they should be hand quilted, too. So now I have two more quilts to hand quilt. I will put them in a safe place for future consideration of whether to quilt them myself or send them off to a nice Amish quilter to finish the hand quilting. Did I mention, they are in perfect condition!

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