Ohara, Japan – Persimmon Tannin Dye Studio

Woman painting umbrellas with persimmon tannin dyeWe visited another rustic studio in Ohara, Japan: the Persimmon Tannin Dye Studio. The tannins from persimmons make a beautiful rich brown color that is water resistant when dry. The technique is called kakishibu. This dye is applied to art stencils, umbrellas, purses, tote bags, flags, ropes, and anything else that needs to last a while and be resistant to wear and tear. Outside the shop and dyeing area, there was a woman painting umbrellas with the dyes. Her right hand was deformed, probably from years of the repetitive motion of holding the brush. She also had the sweetest face.


  1. Hi, Denise, thank you for your sharing. I am going to visit Kyoto and would like to see the persimmon dyeing in Ohara. Do you have contact information of the studio you visited? Look forward to hearing from you! All the best! Martha

    • Denise Oyama Miller says:

      I really don’t know their address or how to contact them. However, Ohara is a very small town, and there is only one persimmon dye studio in it. If you get there, you can probably ask for directions from the local people there. It is a beautiful little village, and you can walk to everything there.

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