Sun-Printing with Setacolor Paints

Have you ever tried sun-printing with Setacolor Paints? I have always wanted to see how this process works. During the workshop with Lonni Rossi, I really didn’t get a chance to try it out, as I was so busy just making the “fabric collection.” I also have a long list of other things I want to try with the Setacolor Paints besides the sun-printing. Actually, the printing process is a result of the heat from the sun. The heat pulls the paint towards the heat source. In the case of the sun-printing, the items on the fabric shade the fabric from the heat of the sun, while the exposed parts get warmer and draw the paints toward that area of the fabric.

My friend, Franki Kohler, and I decided to fabric paint several weeks ago. She was also in the Lonni Rossi workshop. Here she worked on cyanoprint fabrics that were fascinating and a beautiful shade of blue, while I tried several approaches to sun-printing. Franki has a lot of experience with sun-printing and was very helpful.

Sun-printing-1Here’s the three fabrics that I made. The purple fabric was made using a rubber mat made of circles that is used in kitchens. I was able to make it lay flat on the fabric. On the top green fabric, I used different widths of rick-rack, which I pinned down. The smaller rick-rack made a better print, because I was able to totally pin it down to the back fabric. The wider rick-rack wasn’t as successful, because it sat on top of the other fabrics, and I wasn’t able to pin it down as tightly. Too much sun (heat) got under the wider rick-rack. The bottom green fabric was made using a wonderful ribbon from the Paper Source that is the shape of olive leaves on a thin ribbon. This ribbon is probably made from polyester and is easily manipulated. I was able to pin it down tightly. I don’t consider these fabrics finished yet, but I will use them for further experimentation.

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