Spoonflower Experiments

Layered print on cotton-1I have been reading about an online company called Spoonflower. They produce fabric that has been designed by an individual. Not only do they make fabric, but they also make other products, such wall paper, wrapping paper, etc. I read about them in “Quilting Arts”. The Pixeladies also mentioned them in the class I took on digital fabric design a couple of months ago. So I decided to try them out by sending them 3 images.

The first image is for a 12” square block on Kona cotton (left). I made the image slightly larger to accommodate the quilting and facing. It is a design I created using Photoshop’s layering capabilities. I can’t even remember how many layers I used to make it. I was a little disappointed in the square I received, because it didn’t appear to be as bright as my original image. However, I am still going to quilt it (by machine) to see the impact of the stitching on the design.

The second and third images were intended for silk scarves (right). However, I decided to have 8” square samples made instead. It takes 2 yards of fabric for me to print 3 scarves, Scarf samples on silkand I thought it was too expensive to print it without testing it first. Here are my samples. I have the same concern about the saturation and intensity of the colors as I did in the 12” square above. If you know the secret to brighter colors, please let me know. I will also check Spoonflower’s FAQ section for ideas.

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