I just love this time of year. After the rush of the Christmas season, it is the perfect time to play in my studio. The weather does not make it too inviting to go outdoors, but allows me to focus in my studio. There aren’t too many art shows going on that will take my attention away from creating art. I can try out new techniques and play with the products that I have. It also gives me a great excuse to buy a few new products as well.

In addition, I’ve got two workshops planned. The first one is with the Pixeladies, Deb Cashett and Kris Sasaki, starting the end of January. It’s an online course on textile design using Photoshop Elements. The second workshop is with Lonni Rossi scheduled for March of this year at Empty Spools Seminars at Asilomar in Pacific Grove, California. Lonni is a fabric designer and produces some of the most beautiful lines of fabric available. I am sure both of these classes will spark a new flurry of new artistic activity.

I have many other activities on my hit list to try out. First one is ice/snow dyeing. I promised my oldest son that I would make him some one piece pajamas (Union Jacks). Instead, I found a white cotton version from Dharma that I can dye. So I am going to do ice dyeing. Then I found a product for dyeing in the washing machine called Idye. (I don’t think there is a relationship with Apple.) Another process to try is marbling on fabric and possibly paper, too.

I am going to continue making papers for my collage projects. One of my favorite processes is to use tea bags (used) as the base paper. Then I stamp, paint, silk screen, spray, splatter, use molding paste, photocopy, etc. Once I have new papers and new fabrics to play with, I will focus on my mixed media projects. I know that it will be a great year!

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