Jasmine – My Constant Companion and Best Buddy

We had a tough Christmas season this last year. On the morning of December 28, 2012, Jasmine, my best little buddy and constant companion was put to rest. She was just over 11 years old. I will always miss her happy smiley face and loving personality. She got to spend her last week going on a motorhome trip (she loved to go camping in the motorhome) to see our grandchildren (her best little friends) with her tennis balls ( her favorite toys). Her ashes will be buried under her favorite jasmine bush.

Jasmine was a golden retriever, which is an incredible breed of dog. She was my constant companion in my studio. She would stay with me all day shadowing my every move, while I was busily working on my art quilts, mixed media work, and watercolors. She always seemed to like what I was doing and never criticized my work. She loved children beyond all understanding. Even if they pulled her hair or poked at her, she would never complain or snap at them.

Here’s a picture of her in the jasmine bushes.

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