Ice Dyeing – BR-R-R

Ice DyeingAs I said in the last blog, my first exploration is with ice/snow dyeing. I finished dyeing a one-piece Union Jack blank that I bought from Dharma Trading Company. They have some fabulous pre-made blanks for t-shirt, scarves, shawls, dresses, pants, hats, and anything else you might want to dye or paint. They also have simple instructions for doing the ice dyeing. I had to do the ice dyeing instead of the snowing dyeing, because we live in the San Francisco Bay Area. We got a little frost the other night, but that is as close to snow as we usually get.

I got interested in doing ice dyeing when I bought some t-shirts that were dyed by my good friend Susan Helmer. She is a member of the Artists 7 group that I am in and is a very talented silk painter and jeweler. I had also seen an article in an issue of Quilters Newsletter that used the dyes in a liquid form.

Ice Dyeing - Union JackAnyway, my son Jake likes the color green. So I used powdered procion dyes starting with Chartreuse. Then sprinkled Leaf Green and Evergreen. I finished up with Loden, which looks like a greenish brown. I also put a piece of fabric (pimatex cotton) under the Union Jack at the bottom of the pan that was collecting the melted ice and dye. You would have thought that I would get muddy colors on the fabric that was in the drip pan, but the color variations were fabulous on the fabric, too. Here is a photo of both the Union Jack and the fabric. I love them both and am going to do some more ice dyeing in the future. I love the intensity of the color and the variety that I got. Needless to say, I have already ordered some more blanks to do some more ice dyeing.


  1. I found your blog from a google search on ice dyeing. I have been ice dyeing for almost a year and noticed your rack in your photo. It looks like I have the exact same thing. I found mine at a thrift store for this purpose. I always wonder what it was originally for. Do you have any idea?

    • Denise Oyama Miller says:

      Hi Jenny – I can shed some light on that, as it came with my washer and dryer when I bought them a few years ago. Apparently, the rack is supposed to be used for drying things in the dryer that need to be flat. Most of my clothes are wash and wear, so I have no use for it. When I tried ice dyeing, I decided that it was time to repurpose this piece of plastic. I use a piece of wire screen over it to keep the ice confined. It seems to work just fine. Hope this helps. – Denise

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