Dharma Trading Company – extraordinary resource

Dharma Trading Company is one of the best resources for textile artists. They have some fabulous pre-made blanks for t-shirt, scarves, shawls, dresses, pants, hats, and anything else you might want to dye or paint. These blanks come in cotton, rayon, silk, and wool. The variety is amazing. They also have all the dyeing chemicals for any type of fabric you might be interested in dyeing. One product that I particularly like is their Professional Textile Detergent, which I use instead of using synthrapol. It is a less harmful product and less expensive.

Recently, another Artists 7 friend, Marge Barta Atkins, gave me 4 of the Dharma brand of procion dyes for Christmas. Their names were Thistle Blossom, Orange Marmalade, Parakeet, and Dragon Fruit. Don’t these sound yummy. I tried them all out, and these colors were vibrant and glorious. I am now going to start using them instead of the previous dyes I had been using.

You can get a catalog from them at www.dharmatrading.com. They also have a retail store, which is located at 1604 Fourth Street in San Rafael, California. Did I mention that they were also very fast at filling orders? My orders go out the next day. Since I live so close, I get my products within two business days after I place my order. This is a standard that should be the goal of all of the other mail order companies.

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