The Art Store in Berkeley

One of my favorite art stores is The Art Store in Berkeley. Two of my buddies from Artists 7, Marge Barta Atkins and Cindy Sullivan, and I took a shopping trip to The Art Store not too long ago. We had some coupons and were ready to shop. We got wonderful service from one of the clerks in the stored named Colby. He was so helpful to all of us in finding the things that we wanted to purchase. We also couldn’t resist getting our portraits taken with this billboard of a French artist, striped shirt and all!

We followed this with a nice excursion down 4th Street in Berkeley, one of the most fun shopping/strolling streets in the Bay Area. We had lunch at Betty’s Café (yummy). There is a Paper Store, a wonderful Japanese import store, and a Japanese paper store right next door among many other wonderful little shops. The papers were irresistible, and I managed to find a marbled paper that was truly a work of art and a mulberry off-white paper that I had not seen before, plus a few other papers I desperately needed. It was truly a delightful day.

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