New Gallery in Half Moon Bay

There’s a new art gallery in Half Moon Bay, California. It is called JLim Gallery and is located at Harbor Village Mall, 270 Capistrano Road #34. It has wonderful contemporary art and gifts for sale in a variety of mediums: oils, metal sculpture, tables, and glass. They are now carrying mixed media with the addition of my mixed media collages. I am thrilled to be in the gallery. We had a great open gallery this last Saturday during the Santa Cruz Mountain Wine Festival that took place in the mall that we are in. This is an annual event that was attended by over 2000 people on this one day. They came from all over the bay area. It was wonderful to get to talk to so many people about my work. If you want to check out the gallery, it is open on Saturday and Sunday, 11:00am – 5:00pm, and by appointment on Monday through Thursday. The website is, and the cell contact for the director, Rosalinda Herrera is 925-699-2815.


  1. Hi Denise,
    I am so “puffed up” with pride, and excitement for you and your STUNNING piece in VISIONS.
    My friend Charlotte Ziebarth, was there, shared the show catalog at our critique meeting last week…
    I am so awed, thrilled, elated for you with such a FANTASTIC piece….it is truly DELICIOUS!
    Hurrah for you and your wonderful work…
    Equally fascinated with your “orange” landscape piece, in your blog, where you are announcing
    a gallery in Half Moon..
    You are so exceptional, as a dear and wonderful person, AND A STUNNING ARTIST!
    WAY TO GO!
    Hugs to you! Patty Hawkins

    • Hi Patty –

      So great to hear from you. Thanks on the Visions show. It was such an honor and joy to be included in that show. They treat you like royalty there. Congratulations back to you for the Quilt National Show this year! I bet your entry is a knock-out. I wish I could be there to see your quilt and all the other fantastic entries. I am sure it will be an amazing show.

      My Orange Landscape is similar to the pieces that I brought to Asilomar last year. I am combining fabric, paper, threads, and paint in mixed media pieces. I really enjoy the process and the results.

      Keep in touch. I love hearing from you.


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