Abstract Critique Group

I belong to a group of women artists called Artists 7, and we did critiques once a month for a while. Unfortunately, after several members moved out of the area, we stopped doing them. So I have been looking for a critique group for several years. I feel that it provides a wonderful format for growth and improvement in my artwork.

A couple of months ago, I was sitting at Gallery Concord while the California Watercolor Association was doing a receiving for a show in Sacramento. I met a woman (Carolyn Warmsun) who had worked at Regional Offices in Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program, and we struck up a conversation. I was working on some abstracts at the time, and she mentioned that she was looking for another person to join her monthly abstract critique group, which included another friend of mine (Juanita Hagberg). I told Carolyn that I had been looking for a critique group for quite a while and would love to try it out, if that would work for her. It’s in Oakland, so I have about a 45 minute drive, but I thought it would be worth it. I have now attended about 3 months. I have received some good input and have learned some new techniques and tools.

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