New Commission

I always like a challenge, and I find that doing commissions is a very challenging thing to do.  It is difficult to be able to understand what your clients are looking for and how to interpret their ideas into a piece of art.  Recently, former clients asked if I would do a watercolor painting of a well-known arch in Livermore Valley.  It is called the Olivina Arch, and it overlooks a field of olive trees and vineyards.  It used to be only an olive orchard, but has been turned into a vineyard, with a few olive trees left. The clients have a frame already, so the painting will need to be 26” x 26”.  Their home is beautifully painted in coordinating colors, but fortunately, they are colors that will blend perfectly with the scene I am going to paint.  Here is a sketch of what I will be painting.  I will update the blog with the finished work once it is done.

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