Designer Fabric

Just in case you were running out of specialty fabrics, there is a wonderful resource for you to try in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It is called FabMo.  The outlet provides repurposed fabric for the sewing enthusiast.  This fabric comes from the Design Center in San Francisco and consists of the samples that the manufacturers provide to the interior design studios to sell.  Once a week, the studios get a list of the discontinued fabrics from the manufacturers.  These samples are pulled out and are given to schools and to FabMo for repurposing.

They do not sell the fabric, but only ask for a donation from each shopper.  You have to make an appointment to go there, and they are only open about 3-4 days a month.  They provide shopping bags (repurposed, of course), and they only allow a reasonable number of people to be shopping at the same time.  The fabric is laid out on the tables and on shelves and in boxes on the floor.  Sometimes there is fabric on the bolt, which you have to pay a minimal amount by the yard.   This designer fabric is high quality upholstery, drapery and other interior design fabric.  Some of it sells for up to $200+ per yard, if you were to buy it from an interior designer.

I have already been there a couple of times and have barely dented my “new” fabric from FabMo.  I have been making gift items for my open studios such as purses, coin purses, eyeglass cases, business card/credit card holders, clothing, pillows, etc.  I will also be using this fabric for some of my art quilts and mixed media work.

They have a website (, where you can sign up to go shopping there.  They also have a number of other activities in which you might want to participate.  The address is 2423 Old Middlefield Road in Mountain View, California.

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