Demo – Stitching and Embroidery

Occasionally, I will do a demonstration for art organizations of my various techniques.  The Olive Hyde Art Guild (OHAG) asked that if I could do a demo with a hands-on related activity in conjunction with the 44th Annual Textile Show at the Olive Hyde Gallery.  They gave me two hours to accomplish this request.  So I began thinking about what to do for the group.  I thought about having a slide show and even put one together.  Then I thought I would do a demo of a background and a foreground for a floral piece.  Then I thought we would get to the hands-on activity.  I added up the time estimates for each part of the two hours and realized that there just wasn’t enough time to do everything.



Then I saw the list of attendees and knew that this would be a high-energy group, ready to jump into the fabric.  I abandoned my previous ideas and decided to focus just on the hands-on activity.  The assignment was to make a small (8” x 10”) landscape quilt, using fabric, paper, and all the embellishments and paint you might want to use.  There were 28 participants, many of whom are friends and fellow artists.  We had a blast playing with different fabrics.

My husband, Dean, took some videos of part of my instructions, which we broke into 3 different videos that I would like to share.  This video covers the stitching and embroidery step in the process.  Hope you like it.

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